The 7 Best Free Resume Creators We Ever Discovered


A few weeks ago my brother Max sent me his résumé via text message and asked me to “polish it up a bit”. No doubt I had to do more than copy and paste the text into a Word document. To really stand out, I knew the resume had to demonstrate a level of professionalism and effort – something that the content alone cannot always convey.

Fortunately, with the help of Zety, I was able to fill in Max’s resume information, choose a template, and have Zety design the piece for me within 20 minutes:

Looks a little better than texting doesn’t it?

Resume builders are incredibly helpful in creating a resume and can help you showcase your unique personality. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best free resume creators we’ve discovered. Read on, then get to work designing your own – trust me, with these tools it is nearly as easy as sending an SMS.

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Download these free templates and fill in your experience and information to create a bespoke, well-designed resume.

1. Resume Genius – for quick and easy resume creation.

Resume Genius is hands down one of the easiest and fastest resume tools available to you. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, the tool will guide you (quickly) through categories such as education, work experience, and references. It offers different templates ranging from ‘Taj Mahal’ to ‘Classic’. Resume Genius has simple sections to fill out so you can create a stunning, comprehensive resume in no time.

Professionals disadvantage
Easy to use interface The free download is a .txt file. You have to pay for a 14-day trial to download it as PDF or other format
Share and performance tracking URL There’s no way to upload an existing resume so you’ll have to start over each time, which makes it difficult to update.
Can search for jobs and choose from over 50,000 bullet points in the job description that relate to your application.

2. My Perfect Resume – for guided resume creation help.

With My Perfect Resume, you can either start from scratch and fill in information into a blank template, or upload an existing resume if you already have one. In addition, the tool gives you expert recommendations throughout the process, including suggested phrases that you can add for specific roles.

My Perfect Resume also allows you to add optional sections like Certifications, Achievements, and Memberships, which is especially important if you’re just starting out or changing industries. This tool is especially useful when you’re applying for a creative position and want to add color or a unique design to your resume.

To use My Perfect Resume for free, click the “Download” button on the left toolbar when you reach the final step of the builder – instead of selecting “Save and Continue”. Then select Text Only (.txt) to download your resume for free.

Best for:

My Perfect Resume is great for anyone looking for guided help with their resume creation. The tool recommends templates based on your level of experience and provides expert recommendations for skills that you should include based on your job titles. Compared to other tools on the list, there are fewer customization options and there are only nine templates to choose from.

3. Standard resume – for active LinkedIn users.

Standard Resume lets you import your information straight from LinkedIn, making it an ideal time saver if your LinkedIn profile is up to date.

In addition, thanks to the white background and the minimalist functions, you can concentrate on the essentials – your content. You can switch between “Write” and “Design” to see what your resume looks like and download it as a PDF at the end. Best of all, the tool also makes your resume mobile-responsive so you can view it on your smartphone.

advantages disadvantage
Free Minimalist templates, not a lot of customization options or design-oriented tools
Easy import from an existing LinkedIn profile
Minimalistic so you can focus on your experiences and successes.

4. Canva – for design creativity and expression.

If you’re applying for a creative position or want a resume that really sets you apart, use one of Canva’s hundreds of free designer templates. Canva’s selection is incredibly diverse and unique, so you’re no doubt going to find one you like, and entering resume sections can be as easy as copying and pasting. In addition, the templates are divided into categories such as Graphic Design, Business, and Creative to make it easy to choose based on your preferred industry.

Best for:

Canva is best for anyone looking for creativity and expression on their resume. While not specifically designed for resume creation, the tool offers a variety of templates, layouts, and designs to choose from when creating your resume, and there are several download formats to ensure your resumes are ATS can be displayed and picked up.

5. Indeed – for job seekers through the platform.

Creating an Indeed resume is an incredibly quick process, and best of all, you can automatically share your resume with employers on Indeed once you’re done. Still, if you have already completed a resume, it is a good idea to upload it to the website to introduce it to potential employers. While admittedly it doesn’t offer as many creative opportunities as some of the others on this list, Indeed is a formidable option if you’re looking to create a more traditional resume and start sharing right away.

advantages disadvantage
Free Only eight templates
Including expert tips and advice Limited design and customization options
Templates compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Cannot import or upload an existing resume or LinkedIn profile
You can automatically share your completed resume with employers and recruiters on the website

6. Zety – for expert advice on creating résumés.

Zety is a great online resume maker because of the state-of-the-art templates. You can quickly start over and fill in your information. My favorite element of this tool is that the site walks you through the process. All you have to do is fill in the information, and then voila – you have a resume. Although this tool is free, you need to create an online account.

To use Zety for free, click “Download” on the left toolbar when you reach the final step of the builder – instead of selecting “Save and Continue”. Then select Text Only (.txt) to download your resume for free.

Best for:

Zety is best for those looking for expert help with their resume creation. The tool offers tips and prompts to help you create the content for your resume, and there are a variety of customization options to make sure your resume meets your needs. While you can download a .txt file for free, it costs $ 2.70 for another file format, and some templates used graphics and colors that interfere with ATS.

7. – for minimalist resume creation.

With, you can create a beautiful resume in minutes. This tool is an excellent option if you are looking for recommendations on what to include on your resume. In addition, the website has popular templates for different job categories that can help you stand out from the competition.

To use this for free, a pop-up will appear in the final step asking you to create an account. Instead, just click on “Skip for now”. Then you can click the download button at the top right.

Professionals disadvantage
Completely free Limited design and customization options
Import LinkedIn No pre-made content
Share, print and download in multiple formats Minimal instruction for resume creation

Creating a resume can feel like you’re staring at a blank canvas. But with an online resume builder you can get referrals and create a beautiful document that stands out from the crowd without needing a graphic design degree.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and updated in May 2021 for completeness.

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